1. I won 100,000 euros and I don’t know how to spend it. What should I do?
  2. I gained a lot of weight in last few years. I want to lose at least 10 kg. What should I do?
  3. I found a wallet which had 2,000 euros in it. How should I spend it?
  4. I am new in this city. I would love to meet some people. What should I do?
  5. If you have a lot of things to get done in one week, how do you manage? What advice would you give someone who is very busy?

You have to answer using the expressions below.


  • … might work.
  • … would probably work.
  • If I was/were in your place, I’d …
  • If that happened to me/In that case/If I had that problem, I’d …
  • You’d better …

Upper Intermediate

  • (If I was/were) in that (that kind of) situation, I’d …
  • Have you thought about …?
  • If it was/were me, I’d …
  • The sooner you … the better.
  • Your only option is to …


  • … is worth a try.
  • A piece of advice from … that I’d like to pass on is to …
  • A wise man once said …
  • I can’t recommend … strongly enough.
  • You should …, no doubt about it.

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