Nine Ways Mindfulness Reduces Stress - Mindful

Isolation and stress

  1. If you had known you would be in isolation for more than two months, what would you have done to prepare?
  2. Do you think the current situation has resulted in people stressing more or less? (why)
    1. What about you? (why)
  3. Normally to relieve stress, most people do exercise. What have you and your family been doing while in isolation?
  4. Have you started any new hobbies?
    1. If yes, what? If no, what hobbies have you continued doing?
  5. What did you start during isolation that you will continue doing in the future?


  1. Confinement
  2. Lethargic
  3. Stressful
  4. Couch potato
  5. complacent

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