Vacaciones Semana Santa 2021 Queridos padres y alumnos: Os enviamos este mensaje para recordaros que los próximos días 1 y
Transitions What are the biggest transitions in an average person’s life? What stage of life were you most happy to
Music Who are your favorite bands or artists? How often and when do you listen to music? Is there a
To accuse the wrong person of something.
Phrasal verbs 15 March 21   1 Give away                 a) to manage to live or succeed 2 Put sth away            
Challenges Should people make their children have easy lives with few challenges or make sure their children face challenges? Some
Take the bull by its horns To approach, confront, or deal with a problem or difficult situation directly and with
Sports Do you play any sports? If so, which ones? Do you know of any interesting or strange sports or
Phrasal verbs related to sport 1. Bulk up                    a) to make

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