Chicken out of: Not do something that you were going to do because of fear.
Sam was going to try scuba diving, but he chickened out at the last minute.
Sam chickened out of scuba diving

Set back: To delay the progress of someone or something.
His accident really set him back. (can be separated by a noun or pronoun)
That mistake set back the project

Drop out (of): To abandon school, college or university before graduation.
Brad dropped out of school when he was 15.
It’s unfortunate that he dropped out.

Try out (for): to try to become a member of a team or to audition for.
Claire will try out for her school’s volleyball team tomorrow.

Show up: To arrive at a place where people are expecting you. To appear.
Carla is very punctual. She always shows up on time.

ask around ask many people the same question
I asked around but nobody has seen my wallet.

chip in: help
If everyone chips in, we can get the kitchen painted by noon.

figure something out: to understand, find the answer
I need to figure out how to fit the piano and the bookshelf in this room.

get together: meet (usually for social reasons)
Lets get together for a BBQ this weekend.

point somebody/ something out: indicate with your finger
I’ll point my boyfriend out when he runs by.

Take over sth = take control of something.
His real intention was to take over the company.

Take on sb = hire somebody.
We need to take on more employees.

Take up sth = become interested in a new activity.
When he was on holiday, he took up a new hobby.

Take after sb = be similar to somebody.
She took after her mother; they had the same look.

Take in sb = deceive somebody.
Don’t be taken in by street vendors.

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