Have you ever wondered how you can speak English like a native? The trick is to use idioms, phrasal verbs, sayings or proverbs and collocations. Native English speakers sound so fluent, not because they know all the correct grammar, but because they use expressions.

In order to speak fluently, you need to have expressions that you have learnt on the tip of your tongue. These expressions can be simple like “Good Morning” and “How are you today?” or more complex for example “Sorry to bother you, but would you mind”.

By learning common phrases, you will be able to speak about various topics more easily. These phrases are commonly used in all kinds of communications whether it be business or personal. In most English speaking countries the people will understand the different expressions and phrases, therefore you could communicate easier and probably feel more comfortable doing it.

Imagine going for a job interview and being able to speak without problems. So, if you can speak proper English, you will have a better chance of success in your career. English is a global language, and learning it and its common phrases is always going to open doors for you in the world.

Another benefit of learning “chunks” of language is that you also learn a lot of things about the language, the culture, and the world. So, this will enhance your learning and improve your education in many general issues.

In short, by not only learning English expressions and phrases but also using them you will show a better grasp of the language.

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